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Hello you lovely people!!

So we are one! Horahhh!!! What a blast the first year has been… I remember the first day when we opened the doors to The Old Parsonage. The excitement of a new beginning, not knowing what is waiting for us and our little family.  I still get the goose bumps! We met some wonderful people and I can say that we that we are settling nicely in our new life. We truly feel like home here, in our Narnia!

I had bottle of champagne in the fridge for a week so I started the day with a cheeky glass of bucks fizz and put the rest back in the fridge to finish this evening with the hubby as he is home a day earlier this week! I’m really proud of us and it is an occasion which needs a little celebration so we will probably get some fish and chips from the local chippy and then an early night! What a party this is going to be hahaha!

The great news is that after a very long 5 months we are finally approaching the end of the renovation and I just noticed some undercoat paint on my fingers… Lovely! I went a bit quiet for a couple of weeks but it was so mental here and my state of mind didn’t allow me to write anything positive… You know when something bad is happening there is more to follow?

So it started with some problems with the building work, then the boiler stopped working and it took 4 days to fix it (I keep forgetting that we are living in Cornwall and life here is much slower than anywhere else which in most cases is a good thing but not for our central heating!) so as a result of having a cold house I ended up with two sick girls!! But the storm has passed, the rainbow is out and this week is all good again!

Little update on the renovation front: today we have some lovely floors going down in rooms 1 & 5 and tomorrow we are putting wallpaper up and this is not any wallpaper but the Monkey wallpaper design which I fell in love with last summer, and then the lights can go up with new light switches.

All followed by a deep clean of the house (this part I’m dreading) and the nicest part – dressing the rooms!!! Most of the things are still in boxes so I’m very eager to unpack everything, put it in the right room and see if my imagination played it right. And I hope it did as the return date on most items has passed and the budget hmmm how to put it… I made a very big hole in our budget and we will have to work very very hard to pay off this renovation! But as you know this is our dream and to make your dream come true sometimes you have to make a big hole J

We are open from the 7th of April and I’m really looking forward to welcome new guests, to have Tim with us full time and work with him (I hope I will be able to say that in a few months with the same excitement that it was a good idea) and to our New Old Parsonage!!

Big Love and Happy Birthday!

Izzi, Tim and the Monsters

The Old Parsonage

Hello, just a quick note before taking you to our website

After providing 7 years of Bed & Breakfast our business will be evolving

We will be closing the B&B at the end of September 2022 and carrying out renovations


 Thanks,  Tim & Izzi