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My piece of heaven on Earth

I wanted to write this week about Gran Canaria and my amazing trip there last month but it will have to wait until next week when I finish it – writing about travel experiences is taking much more time than I thought.

We have been open for guests since the 6th of April. I really had a few moments during the renovation when I thought we will never get to the finish line, that Tim will be forever working in London and commuting for the rest of his working life and the dream will turn into a nightmare. The last days before opening were totally mad…. You think we had all winter, 5 months to do everything, we had lots of time… only in theory 5 months sounds like a long time!

We had lots of delays, in total 6 weeks which pushed our finish date from mid-February to the end of March! The last 72 hours before opening I probably slept 10 hours. Just before opening the front door to our guests we had a photoshoot in the house, everything had to be ready and perfect for the photographer. The photoshoot took a few hours and you can already see some photos on our website, social media and TripAdvisor. I think everything came out better than I had ever dreamed but also I would love to hear your opinion.

I am catching myself walking around the house, into rooms which are waiting for guests and just staring – weird right?! But this house is like my third baby – we put so much time, effort and everything we have into this house.

Last night instead of wondering like a weirdo around the B&B for a change I sat down in our garden with a glass of wine. The evenings are still cold so I wrapped myself up in a blanket. It was so peaceful, the sky full of stars and I thought to myself that since I left my family home in Poland 12 years ago I have never felt so settled anywhere. I didn’t get this warm feeling in my belly which I can compare to falling in love and the butterflies in any of our previous homes. I can say that I’m truly happy and I don’t need anything else. I have two fantastic girls, an amazing husband who is doing everything to make our dream work, we live in an absolutely stunning village surrounded by very friendly people and we have our own little business, plans for future and …. There is no and. This is it!

We don’t need more. Also for the first time in my life I don’t have to run to catch something, that feeling that there is something more in life and you really need to get it. I have had that feeling since I can remember and I think it is our instinct, gut feeling, call it whatever you want but I believe every one of us has it and we just need to learn to listen to it. It’s there to tell us to go out there, chase your happiness, your destiny! That if something feels not right it means it’s not right. I changed a lot during the last year, we all did, we have definitely become stronger as a family, I feel stronger as a woman, like nothing can stop me now almost like Beyoncé but with a B&B

I wish to all of you a very Happy Easter. That you will find time to stop, enjoy time with your family and friends. And I wish you that in very near future you will find your destiny, your happiness and you will get this warm feeling in your belly.


Happy Easter!

Big love!

Izzi, Tim and the “Monsters”

The Old Parsonage

Hello, just a quick note before taking you to our website

After providing 7 years of Bed & Breakfast our business will be evolving

We will be closing the B&B at the end of September 2022 and carrying out renovations


 Thanks,  Tim & Izzi