It has been a while since I last opened my laptop to start writing, I will blame it on the children and husband. A few days ago it was the 15th of July which means for us it’s half way through the busy season and it made me feel a bit nostalgic. It was an interesting few months, a few downs, complete chaos at times but definitely more ups and some good things have happened. Probably the biggest “up” for us was receiving the Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor. We didn’t expect that at all after our first season so once again we would love to say thank you to our guests who took the time to review our place, so many good words – it gave us a massive boost of positive energy! You are awesome! Thank you! And I mean that!

Very often I’m blown away by the people we have the pleasure to meet. I think I wrote about it before but this is my favourite part of my new job – being around people from around the world, listening to the stories, being part of their holiday and at the same time making them feel like they are at home! We are very lucky indeed!

The 3 and half months were definitely busy for us. We were focused on getting used to working together (with Tim), how to not “kill” each other in the morning before we manage to consume enough caffeine, manage the Monsters and the B&B at the same time. We are slowly but effectively getting there and by end of the season we will be a perfect duo! I hope!

A little update from us. We re-opened our B&B on the beginning of April and since then we had guests every single night (yippee!). We had a little break at the beginning of July to recharge our batteries and spend some time as a family, we rented a little chalet and enjoyed some time together, playing games and admiring the beauty of Cornish North coast.

Now the summer holidays are around the corner our Monsters are going on a big adventure, the biggest yet! They will be spending 4 weeks in Poland with their polish grandparents finishing in London with Tim’s parents. I don’t have to tell you how exited they are about it and how incredibly lucky we are! We will be very busy here, in Mevagissey planning the next big things for our B&B and believe me, my list is getting longer every day! There are lots of good things in my little note book which I would love to do! Most of them will probably have to wait until the end of the season but we will try our best to complete some before then. Also I have got some new cookery books so will be tasting new breakfast specials this summer so look out for new recipes!

So all is good here! and this time I promise it won’t be so long before you see something new on our blog.


Big Love and happy summer holidays!


Izzi, Tim and the Monsters


The Old Parsonage

Hello, just a quick note before taking you to our website

After providing 7 years of Bed & Breakfast our business will be evolving

We will be closing the B&B at the end of September 2022 and carrying out renovations


 Thanks,  Tim & Izzi