The secret recipe

I think every household has a recipe it is famous for. For example my mum’s unbeatable apple cake, Tim’s mums delicious crumble, my aunt’s best ever baked cheesecake or my grannies steamed dumplings with strawberries fresh from her garden. Delicious mouth-watering...

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R for renovation or D for disaster

This week I wanted to write about food and share one of my favourite recipes with you but it will have to wait as I have changed my mind. It will be about our renovation… We have just started month 4 of the refurbishment of The Old Parsonage and my feelings are mixed...

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Awards!!! We did it!! Our first award!! You can imagine me dancing around the kitchen when we got the email and then the parcel in the post with the actual award. And it is not any award! It came from or I should say it comes from our marvelous guests...

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Our first blog

Happy New Year you lovely people!!! My first blog!! This is very exciting and I’m very nervous what you will make of it… I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. But let’s start from the beginning… The decision to move down to Cornwall was made a...

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