Happy New Year you lovely people!!!

My first blog!! This is very exciting and I’m very nervous what you will make of it… I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

But let’s start from the beginning…

The decision to move down to Cornwall was made a long time ago, I think somewhere between child number 2 and Tim’s redundancy in 2014. 2016 was one BIG challenge for us, probably the most challenging year in our lives… selling our home in Kent, finding the right house in Cornwall, getting finance in place, moving all our belongings down to the South-West, settling in a new place, changing jobs, Tim commuting from London on a weekly basis, running the Guest House and everything with two little girls… you got my point right?! Exhausting!!! But we made it, the dream of running a little Guest House by the sea in picturesque Cornwall, meeting people from all over the world and being part of their holiday adventure, being part of community and in general having a better life-family-work balance.

Nothing comes easy in life, especially if you are going against common sense and want to do what your gut is telling you to do, when you are risking everything. We learned a lot, and I mean a LOT!! It wasn’t easy, actually it was much harder than we thought at the beginning but we made it. A well-deserved point for us.

I think the highlight of the year for us was how welcome we felt in Mevagissey, how welcoming people are in South West and how they made us feel at home. If you think about moving down this direction just do it! Life is much more relaxed, the priorities are totally different than “up country”, the people are very friendly, the properties are cheaper than the south east and you have the amazing coastline on your door step. What more can you can wish for?

We have a very good feeling about 2017, we just know it will be fantastic. Our website is finally up and running (first website bookings arrived this week Horahhh!!), we are getting the house ready for the new season (still lots to do but we will be fully ready for Easter 2017), the girls are loving the life down here, Tim is finishing working in London at the end of March and will be with us full time and I’m already working on my first book.

Somebody told me recently that we are an inspiration for them, I know it is a big word and I never thought about us that way as we just did what we thought was right but if we are that’s huge complement. Be brave in the New Year, follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to follow the light! Life is good, embrace it!!!


Iza, Tim and “the Monsters “